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License Transfers

There might be cases in which our clients might need to transfer the possession of a Ventuz license to another customer. If this occurs, they only way to do it is by informing Ventuz Technology. The reason is simple: if Ventuz is not aware of this change of possession, the new customer can't claim any rights over the software, such as support, troubleshooting, RMA or dongles replacements, etc. As per our license agreement, Ventuz Technology is the only entity that can grant permission for a license transfer.

The License Transfer Process has a price of 100 € (or 125 USD) to cover admnistration costs and fees. Both parties, the transferor and the transferee, will have to complete and sign a specific document and send it through to Ventuz Technology that will supervise and allow the operation.

Herebelow, you will find a simple form. Once you fill it and send it, you will automatically receive an email contaning the Official License Transfer Document. This document includes all the instructions needed to apply and contact details if you have any further query about the process.

Again, bear in mind that this is the only official channel you can use to transfer the possession of a license.

Please, describe the product whose license is to be transferred by defining the type of software (Director, Designer, Runtime, Etc.), its version (V3, V4, V5, etc.) and if you have additional options (1 SDI, 2 SDI, iVGA, etc.).
If you have a dongle, please, include its ID. This will speed up the process.